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REKO is a Finnish trade model, created by Thomas Snellman, meaning fair consumption. The model has had remarkable success in Europe and is rapidly expanding. 

The aim of a REKO network is to create a direct relationship between customers and small scale producers. The ultimate goal is to have a market of fresh, healthy, local produce while also supporting small scale producers to create a viable enterprise and sustain their ethical sustainable production values.

In a REKO network, several local food producers advertise goods in a common Facebook group. Customers pre-order goods via the Facebook group. Ordered goods are delivered to customers at a set time in a fixed location. It is absolutely free for both customers and producers to participate in the REKO group. 

Direct trade between

local farmers
& shoppers

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HOW it Works

FOOD straight from local farmers on FACEBOOK

REKO-Networks are an online (facebook-based) platform that allow direct sales from producers to customers.

It is a great opportunity to buy local goods easily, without the intervention of a middle-man. It is a way to support and encourage local self-sufficiency and strengthen the community around their food and their local producers.

Here, you have the opportunity to buy directly from the producers and ask what you want to know about what you’re buying.

The goal is to have a sale every week, but it might vary through the year depending on the seasons and holidays.

The facebook page only shows posts about the next sale, all previous posts are erased for more clarity.

Producers posts about what they have, and consumers comment with the quantity they want to order. The producer will confirm the order. The order is binding and all goods must be picked up at the agreed time.

– The page does not allow discussions or posts from customers, but only ads from producers. We have to be restrictive to keep the focus on sales.

– Customers must avoid asking questions in the comment section,  but are welcome to contact the producer directly.

All organisation of a REKO Network is volunteer based. Those who initiate and manage a REKO Network do not receive any compensation. The better organised a network is, the better the revenue will be so it makes sense to ensure a strong administrative team

Interested in starting a Reko Network in your area? Anyone with a passion or interest in local food can admin/start a Reko Network.

Please send us an email at 

Reko Beets



Are you a producer interested in selling through a REKO Network in your area? Please send a private message to the admin of the group you are interested to join to receive a producer application form.

Guidelines for producers:

  • All posts should begin with the date and location of sale. 
  • Post must describe clearly: product, price, quantity.
  • The post should include a brief information about the farm / company and a describe the manufacturing process or growing methods. Transparency is key.
  • Prices Must be market-conform. ‘dumping’ is therefore not allowed
  • Only one post per producer.
  • No sale on the spot. Only sale of pre-ordered goods.
  • Producers are encouraged to give online or printed information about their farm/products to customers.
  • It’s the producer’s responsibility to comply with the Ontario Laws regarding food handling and taxes. 
  • Reko networks only allow the sale of products or by-products 100% made by the producer. Ex: Beeswax, seedlings, vegetables…
  • Admins approve all sale posts and have the right to exclude members who do not follow the group’s rules.
  • Producers must post no longer than one week before the sale. (except if deliveries are monthly or biweekly)
  • Customers must place orders before ordering deadline specific to each producer.